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Maryland Insurance License Renewals

Renew and get your Maryland Life and health, P and C Insurance license renewal credits FAST, APPROVED and FILED. All course subjects are online with special package discounts. These courses apply for Maryland. Visit HERE for all other states.

Renewal Insurance CE

Sample Online Course Subjects:

Long Term Care

This course provides a thorough orientation to long-term care and the many options available to address this need, including state partnership programs and partnership policies. Designed specifically for the licensed insurance professional to meet long-term care and partnership training requirements, the course details the facts and facets of long-term care: what it is, how it is provided, and how it can be funded. It explores the nature of long-term care, LTC services and providers, LTC insurance, partnership programs, and qualified partnership policies. It details federal and state programs, including Medicare and Medicaid, and explains the relationship between state LTC partnership programs and other private and public coverage of LTC services. The course also includes an in-depth discussion of the ethics and suitability standards associated with the sale of LTC insurance.

Topics covered include:

The Need for Long-Term Care
Long-term Care Services and Providers
Medicare and Medigap
Long-term Care Insurance Policy Designs and Options
Long-Term Care Partnership Programs
Qualified Long-Term Care Partnership Policies
Alternatives to LTC
Ethical Considerations in sales

Estate Planning CE for Maryland Licensing Renewal

Estate planning involves ordering an individual’s affairs to promote effective protection and management of assets, with a view to their eventual transfer to members of succeeding generations. Life insurance producers and other financial practitioners are often called upon to provide products and services that will help clients achieve these objectives for large and small estates. The purpose of this course is to offer a comprehensive overview and understanding of estate planning, the first step for practitioners who want to transition into this advanced field of practice.

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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Insurance Ethics CE Credits - Discount Courses for Ethics Continuing Education

Earn your full insurance CE credits online with fast and approved courses from American Investment Training. Ethics for insurance CE is approved up to 7 hours of credit.

Ethics for Insurance Professionals Advanced (ET) Description

In this course we do not intend to create a complex, philosophical, intellectual debate on current ethical considerations. Rather, we will present a practical discussion of business ethics with specific examples taken from the insurance industry. The course addresses the complexities of ethical decision making in today's insurance environment. It suggests ways for insurance producers to establish ethics in the work place and thereby take a step toward reducing the possibility of questionable practices and wrongdoing.

Upon completion of the course, the student will be able to:

- Learn the basic concepts of ethics.
- Understand professionalism and ethical standards.
- Learn to differentiate between ethics and values.
- Define what is meant by conflict of interest.
- Define the steps involved in ethical decision making.
- Learn the intricacies of the insurance product.
- Understand the responsibilities if an insurance professional.
- Understand the disclosures involved in policy illustrations.
- Understand the standards of consumer protection in the insurance industry.
- Understand the various regulations of insurance trade practices.

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Insurance CE Info - Life and Health Continuing Education

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Life and Health
Adjuster and more

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Public adjuster Insurance CE Course - Adjust credits

American Investment Training provides fast, approved and online insurance ce credits for public adjuster needs.

Sample Public Adjust course and description:

101 Commercial Lines Coverage Gaps and How to Close Them

Intended for experienced commercial lines insurance professionals, this course offers a unique look at commercial lines coverage by examining common gaps in these programs and reviewing ways to close the gaps. The coverage gaps identified are drawn from the experience of actual practitioners who responded to a research report compiled by a team of IRMI analysts. Accordingly, the gaps discussed in this course are real; the course offers practical insight and advice that will help the producer to better protect and serve his or her clients and to avoid costly errors and omissions. The course examines coverage gaps—and how to close them—associated with the following types of coverages:

Commercial Auto Commercial General Liability Workers Compensation Umbrella Liability Professional and E&O Liability Miscellaneous Liability Directors & Officers Liability Other Management Liability Commercial Property Equipment Breakdown and Inland Marine Insurance

Claims Handling Best Practices

This course is designed for adjusters and others with property and casualty insurance claims-handling duties to help them understand the basic claims process and associated best practices that are consistent with the requirements of state unfair claims practices acts and regulations. The course covers the full scope of the claims adjustment process, from first notice of loss through resolution. Throughout, the course describes best practice criteria for each phase of the process and will help claims professionals learn to plan and conduct claims investigations and resolve and close cases, in a timely, professional and compliant manner.

The course includes the following units: The Role of Communications in the Claims Adjustment Process Unfair Claims Settlement Practices and Model Regulations An Overview of the Claims Adjustment Process First Notice of Loss to First Contact Investigation Coverage Verification Documentation Evaluation Resolution

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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Ohio Life and Health Insurance CE - Life Insurance

Ohio Insurance Regulations require Continuing Education for licensed Ohio Insurance agents. American Investment Training provides fast online CE for Ohio and all 50 states. Fast, discounted and approved. Sample Course Outline Life Insurance Concepts - Ohio CE Life Insurance Concepts examines the important concepts affecting life insurance and its application. The course explains the fundamental purposes of life insurance, including its use in the personal family market as a tool for income replacement, estate creation and conservation, and charitable gifting. The course examines the use of life insurance in the business market as a funding vehicle for buy-sell agreements, key executive benefits, and split-dollar plans. Methods of determining life insurance needs in both the personal family market and business market are considered. The course concludes with an explanation of the tax treatment of life insurance. The Ohio Insurance CE course covers the following topics: Introduction to Life Insurance Reasons for and Uses of Life Insurance Life Insurance Concepts Features of Life Insurance Methods for Determining Life Insurance Needs Concepts Affecting Life Insurance Taxation Visit American Investment Training for the very best in online Ohio Insurance CE

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Distribution Planning Insurance CE

Online CE courses available for distribution planning and dozens of other life and health insurance ce courses.

Distribution Planning

This course presents a comprehensive, in-depth look at distribution planning for retirement and provides a clear understanding of the complex rules that govern distributions from qualified plans and IRAs. It provides a review of the basics of qualified employer plans, traditional IRAs, and Roth IRAs and then explains in detail the requirements that apply to premature distributions, required distributions, and distributions at death. The course explores various distribution options, including lump-sum, periodic withdrawals, and annuitization. The insurance continuing educaation course covers other distribution options (loans and hardship withdrawals) and explains the rules for rollovers and conversions. It also explores strategies for multi-generational wealth

The course includes the following chapters:

•The Importance of Distribution Planning •Distributions in General •Premature Distributions •Required Distributions •Distributions at Death •Qualified Plan Loans and Hardship Withdrawals •Rollovers and Conversions •Multigenerational Distribution Strategies

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Insurance License CE News - CE Info

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Life and Health




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